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Dr. STANISLAW BURZYNSKI – on camera interview:
The smear campaign against us continues, from good doctors, from the American Medical Association, from the American Cancer Society. Despite of the fact that it should have stopped a long time ago.

DR. JULIAN WHITAKER – on camera interview:
In 1840, Ignaz Semmelweis, an Austrian obstetrician noted that over 20%, thatʼs one out of five, women giving birth in the hospital died four to six days later of puerperal fever. These women were then autopsied in the basement of the hospital. And the doctors who performed these autopsies wore no gloves, can you imagine that? Believe it or not, they the would leave the autopsy room and go straight to the delivery room to assist other births without even washing their hands.

Then Dr. Semmelweisʼ good friend and fellow physician accidentally cut his finger while he was doing an autopsy. In six days, this doctor died with the same signs and symptoms of puerperal fever. All of the sudden Semmelweis knew, he realized that the doctors were transferring the disease from the autopsy room to the delivery room, and he urged his colleagues to simply wash their hands. For this unforgivable sacrilege, he was drummed out of the medical profession and he died in an insane asylum.

Now today we have the same kind of arrogant commitment to belief, but with cancer treatment we have a trillion-dollar business built on those beliefs. So if you think Semmelweis had a problem, just imagine the problem Dr. Burzynski faces.

There was no money involved in “hand washing” vs. “non-hand washing”.

Since 1995, all cancer patients patients who received Antineoplaston treatment in the USA, did so under the approval and supervision of the Food and Drug Administration.

These patients were treated within “Phase 2 FDA clinical trials”, without the aid of The National Cancer Institute, or any other cancer research entity.

Antineoplastons are responsible for the first recorded cures in medical history within and FDA-approved clinical trial for inoperable brainstem gliomas in children- with a 30% – 50% cure rat.

A “cure” is defined as a 5-year survival.

Since 2009, permission for the final phase of FDA clinical testing to allow Antineoplastons to be ” FDA-approved ” has been granted.

The only obstacles now are the $ 300 million dollars needed to pay for this final phase of clinical testing –

– and the FDA requiring children with inoperable brainstem glioma to also undergo radiation treatment in there Phase 3 trials, claiming it would be “unethical” not to do so.

DR. STANISLAW BURZYNSKI – on camera interview:
The fact that we are permitted to enter Phase 3 trials means that the treatment already shows safety and efficacy in Phase 2 trials. This means that at this moment we should receive overwhelming support, instead of being harassed as we are so far.

This film is dedicated to everyone who has been affected by cancer.

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