Video Extras

January 2015

Recent Interview with Dr. Burzynski

Extended Interview | Dr. Tsuda

Independent Randomized Studies Complete and Published

Dr. Li-Chuan Chen

National Cancer Institute Scientist

Eric Merola 2014

Sedona Film Festival Interview

2013 World Premiere Q&A

3/10/13 Q&A at World Premiere of Part 2

Fabio Interview

Fabio Lanzoni at Newport Beach FF Screening

4/27/13 Q&A with Fabio Lanzoni

Newport Beach Film Festival

Dr. Mehmet Oz Interview

Interview with Dr. Burzynski and Eric Merola

Documentary Channel Promo

The Documentary Channel Interviews Eric Merola

Congressional Testimony

Mary Jo and Steve Seigel 1995-96 In Congress

March in D.C. 9/28/96

Jessica Ressel and family March in D.C.

Jessica Ressel News Montage

1996-97 News Montage (brainstem glioma cured)

Sally Jessy Raphael 3/23/88

Dr. Burzynski on Sally Jessy Raphael

Glioblastoma Grade IV cured

Interview with Lt. Colonel James Treadwell

Diffuse Intrinsic Brainstem Glioma

Clip from film (DIPG cured)

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