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Texas Medical Board vs. Dr. Burzynski and employed doctors | Nov. 19, 2015


On November 19, 2015 The Texas Medical Board (TMB) opens the latest hearings against Dr. Burzynski and other doctors at the Burzynski Clinic alleging dubious charges in an effort to keep the clinic from treating any more people suffering from cancer and thus attempting to keep current and future cancer patients from making their own treatment decisions by seeking Dr. Burzynski as a treatment option.

Why are they doing this? Because they can. The TMB has exhausted all avenues trying to keep Burzynski from using his FDA-sanctioned invention, Antineoplastons, they went all the way up to the State Supreme Court and lost in that attempt — so now the TMB has to focus on Burzynski’s “personalized cancer therapy” (as covered in “Burzynski: Part II”) as a new plan of attack.

Be sure to follow The Burzynski Movie Facebook Page, Twitter, and Subscribe to this documentary series YouTube Channel to stay up-to-date during the trial. Eric Merola, the director and producer of the Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business Documentary Series will be there on Thursday and Friday (Nov. 19-20) to cover the opening dates and report back to the public throughout the day.

If you live in the Austin, TX area and would like to come out to show your support, be sure to follow this project’s Facebook page or email us here. Otherwise you can show up at the 300 West 15th St, 4th FL, Austin, TX 78701 address before 9am or throughout the day.

Teresa Kennett, who was cured by Burzynski’s Antineoplastons in the 1990s has started a Change.org petition, if you wish to sign it here. Learn more about Teresa’s story here.

Watch Teresa’s full testimony in Congress below

In case you missed some of the recent updates related to the Burzynski Saga, here are a few updates from 2015:

September 23, 2015 Update:

August 28, 2015 Update:

January 29, 2015 Update:

Getting annoyed by those who believe the negative propaganda?

Here is a link to recent peer-reviewed studies – here.

Here is a link describing the organized Astroturf campaign currently underway – here.



Hannah Bradley is still cancer free! Aug. 28, 2015 – update – by Eric Merola


Hannah Bradley (now married, aka Hannah Bradley-Cohen!) is still cancer free! Aug. 28, 2015 update – from “Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business, Part II” by Eric Merola

Watch the August 28, 2015 Update below:


Visit TeamHannah.com + Buy her Awesome Cookbook!

Hannah Bradley was featured in “Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business, Part II” | Watch the trailer below:


Watch “Hannah’s Anecdote” a Film by Pete Cohen about her journey.



The Siegel’s Respond to the Houston Press 8/28/15

This is a response written by Steve and Mary Jo Siegel regarding The Houston Press’ article:


Mr. Rouner,

You are embarrassed by Dr. Burzynski? Interesting. Good for us that we do not embarrass quite so easily as you.

My wife was diagnosed with an incurable form of Non-Hogkins Lymphoma. After having a surgery that required the removal of almost 1 meter of her small intestine, we consulted the top cancer specialists in the U.S. at prestigious (and presumably non-embarrasing to you) research centers, including UCLA, USC, Stanford Medical, and Harvard (Dana Farber Cancer Institute). All this in an effort to determine what course of treatment we should pursue to save her life. All said that with chemotherapy and radiation she could survive for a while, but eventually her disease would mutate, spread, and she would die.

Now here is the embarrassing part for us. One top researcher wanted to enroll her in a clinical trial in order to perform an “autologous bone marrow transplant.” She would receive massive chemotherapy, and in his words “as much radiation as people that were within 1 mile of ground 0 at Hiroshima.” All this in an attempt to kill every single cancer cell in her body, and hope that she would not die of radiation poisoning or from the “massive” doses of chemo. None of this treatment, costing at that time, in excess of $250,000.00, was covered by insurance. That was 25 years ago in 1990.

My wife and I decided to find another way. Perhaps a less toxic approach which was not quite so “embarrassing” to the medical establishment. She never had one drop of chemo, nor 1 rad of radiation therapy (now there’s an oxymoron).

Right there in your beloved Houston (ours too), We discovered the work of the man you call an embarrassment, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski. My wife started on his Antineoplaston treatment the first day we consulted with him. Within months her tumors began to disappear. She was eventually pronounced to be in remission. Not by Dr. Burzynski, but by her oncologist, an esteemed lymphoma researcher at UCLA. Today my wife remains cancer free. We have 3 grandchildren, none of whom would have known their wonderful grandmother, were it not for the discovery, work, and courage of the man you find so embarrassing.

If you care to do your research, and not continue to embarrass yourself, you will find that Dr. Burzynski has published several peer-reviewed articles on his work with the most aggressive and deadly brain cancers. His results are light years ahead, and better, than any conventional treatment now in use. I am certainly happy to furnish these for your review, but what you may discover, is that you have embarrassed yourself.

You can make amends by first apologizing to Dr. B for your ignorant assertions and cowardly attack. Dr. B. is a forgiving man. But more important is that you apologize to his patients past and present. Those who, after having been cast off by the medical establishment, found their way to Dr. Burzynski, and now are living, breathing proof that this gentle, non toxic, gene-targeted treatment is indeed a real and effective approach for treating some of the most intractable cancers. What is particularly heinous is that you may have scared off cancer patients who would have otherwise sought treatment with Dr. B, but now are relegated to receiving chemo and radiation, mostly ineffective, inhumane, and damaging treatments discovered more than a half century ago and still in use today.

They say mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery. Just look to MD Anderson and you will see they are now offering “Personalized Cancer Treatment”. This is the same concept as the gene-targeted therapeutic approach which started at the Burzynski Clinic more than 30 years ago. Dr. Burzynski has improved and refined this vital treatment year after year. Now comparing conventional cancer treatment to the Burzynski method is like comparing a rotary dial phone to an I-phone 10. Must be embarrassing that you didn’t know all of this was going on just down the road from you.

My wife and all of the Dr. B’s patients await your apology. Maybe your name should go on your list? That would be a good start.

Steven M. Siegel

Mary Jo Siegel

Camarillo, California

See a video clip of the Siegel’s in a “48 Hours” Special below.

Jessica Ressel-Doeden – Inoperable Diffuse Intrinsic Brainstem Glioma (DIPG) – Cured with Medical Records

Jessica Ressel-Doeden was diagnosed with a diffuse, intrinsic, childhood brainstem glioma (DIPG) in March of 1996 at age eleven.

According to the available data there has not been a single case of a verified cure (5-year survival) with patients diagnosed with diffuse (inoperable) childhood brainstem glioma treated with radiation and/or chemotherapy in any FDA-supervised experimental clinical trial in the history of medicine. Dr. Burzynski’s Antineoplastons hold the only cures to date—with a cure rate in some studies as high as 27.5% [PDF of original report, table page 172] + [Chemo/Rad – PubMed 2005] [ANP – PubMed 2003] [ANP – PubMed 2006] [ANP – Cancer Therapy 2007]

[The Lancet 2006 explains grim outlook – “survival remains static”].

** April 2014 Peer-reviewed clinical trial report for DIPG using Antineoplastons **

Following her initial diagnosis, the Ressel’s were informed that the only method approved by the FDA to “treat” her condition would be radiation. The radiologist informed the family that radiation would be shot “through the ears, burning her healthy cells from the outside in—causing permanent deafness, all of the hair around her ears would be gone—never grow back, her ears would become deformed and burnt, her pituitary gland would be destroyed—the gland that allows a human to grow and develop, and if she survived the treatment she would become a vegetable and incapable of taking care of herself.”

Considering that radiation treatment has never been shown to cure a single patient with her condition, combined with the devastating side effects such a treatment would inflict on an eleven-year old child—her parents declined the radiation treatment offered by her oncologists and decided to have Jessica treated by Dr. Burzynski instead.

Medical Records

1. Diagnosis: Jessica underwent an MRI on April 10, 1996 at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital which revealed a tumor in her brainstem. Her diagnosis was also confirmed on May 7, 1996 upon initial consultation with Dr. Burzynski. She had multiple MRIs after she was admitted into the Burzynski Clinic. There is also multiple third-party confirmations of diagnosis by physicians from the Springfield Clinic and the Missouri Eye Institute demonstrated by letters written to the Ressel’s insurance company.

2. Recovery: On May 8, 1996, Jessica began antineoplaston treatment. Her tumor disappeared and reappeared multiple times throughout the course of 14 months after the start date of treatment. On June 27, 1997, her tumor disappeared permanently. She has had multiple MRIs of the brain since that time which have all been negative for tumor recurrence—with the last MRI being May 20, 2005. Read Jessica’s treatment summary here. Read Jessica’s tumor measurements here. After her full recovery, the Mid-Atlantic Open MRI of Springfield, MO confirmed her tumor-free MRIs from 11/97 to 5/98 [PDF all medical records and sources for this paragraph].

3. FDA-supervised clinical trial data comparing chemotherapy and radiation treatment to antineoplaston treatment in patients with diffuse, intrinsic, childhood brainstem glioma. It has been clearly demonstrated that of 107 patients treated with chemotherapy and radiation with this type of tumor: 0.9% of these patients were cancer-free at the end of treatment, with no patient surviving 5 years after diagnosis. Of the patients treated with antineoplastons with this type of tumor: 27.5% of them were cancer-free at the end of treatment, with 27.5% of the patients living at least 5 years after diagnosis. Therefore, Jessica Ressel’s recovery after being treated with antineoplastons is not a mere anecdotal case (See sources from start of this post above).

Most would assume that such results would be front page news across the world, or would be grounds for Dr. Burzynski to receive the Nobel Prize in medicine. Sadly, these peer-reviewed results have been universally ignored by mainstream medicine.

Raising the Money to Receive Her Antineoplaston Treatment

Unfortunately, most insurance companies will not cover antineoplaston treatment. The Ressel family had to come up with $6000 per month to pay for her treatment all by themselves. The high cost of antineoplaston treatment is directly due to the United States government’s refusal to allow any tax-payer money to be granted to fund the FDA-supervised clinical trials that Jessica participated in—while simultaneously granting PhRMA tens of millions of dollars to fund similar FDA-supervised clinical trials with inferior outcomes.

Below is a TV news footage montage from 1996-1997 covering Jessica’s story, fundraisers and more:

The Ronald McDonald House Charities®

During our interview with the Ressel family, Robin said that she “had called the Ronald McDonald House to see if we’d be able to stay there, because we were going to have to stay in Houston for a while, I was talking to a volunteer on the phone—when I mentioned we had an eleven-year old we were taking to see Dr. Burzynski and we needed a place to stay for a couple of weeks—you could hear whispering going on in the background, the volunteer was being prompted what to say, and The Ronald McDonald House refused to allow us to stay there because we weren’t an M.D. Anderson patient. I felt bad for the volunteer, you could tell she was being told what to say.” Dan followed up by saying “There are a lot of programs out there, but I will never give a dime to the Ronald McDonald House. We were in a desperate situation, and they refused us because we were a patient of Dr. Burzynski”.

Joining the Fight in Preserving Burzynski’s Freedom

Jessica Ressel was being treated by Dr. Burzynski in 1996, several months after the FDA’s 5th grand jury against Dr. Burzynski resulted in an indictment. “The government was more frustrating than the cancer itself.” The Ressel family traveled to Washington DC to meet hundreds of other Burzynski patients to speak out against the FDA’s attempt to remove him from society.

Family Speaks Out

Jessica Ressel’s medical records are published by written authorization by Jessica Ressel-Doeden.

Lt. Col. James Treadwell – Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade IV – Cured with Medical Records – brain cancer

James Treadwell was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade IV brain tumor in 2004. He has been cancer-free since 2006. An MRI performed in 2010 has confirmed that he is still cancer-free today.

#1 Diagnosis: Pathologists performed a biopsy at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, CA establishing his diagnosis [PDF]. A second opinion was sought at the UCLA Medical Center which also verified his diagnosis [PDF]. See the Baseline MRI: 9/22/2004 [view image].

#2 Prior Treatment: Prior to Antineoplaston treatment, James Treadwell underwent two surgeries (craniotomies), a Gliadel wafter placement, six weeks of standard radiation treatment (from June 22 to August 4, 2004), three cycles of Temodar® chemotherapy (from June 23 to August 20, 2004). None of these treatments cured Mr. Treadwell of his cancer. In fact, after the second surgery no residual cancer was found, and after the course of radiation and chemotherapy his cancer had returned and doubled in size by September 14, 2004.

#3 Recovery: After two surgeries, a Gliadel wafer, and 6 weeks of both chemotherapy and radiation failed to rid Mr. Treadwell of his brain cancer—on September 24, 2004 James Treadwell was admitted for administration of Antineoplaston treatment. He did not receive any other treatment other than Antineoplaston treatment after September 24, 2004. On November 30, 2006 his cancer was gone [PDF of tumor measurements]. [PDF of ANP treatment summary]; [11/30/2006 MRI image]; [11/2008 MRI image].

#4 Treating Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade IV without Antineoplastons.
In 2010, some German scientists have admitted total defeat: “For patients with relapsed GBM [Glioblastoma Multiforme] there is currently no standard systemic therapy.”

The New England Journal of Medicine Published a study from 2005 stated: “Glioblastoma, the most common primary brain tumor in adults, is usually rapidly fatal. The current standard of care for newly diagnosed glioblastoma is surgical resection to the extent feasible, followed by adjuvant radiotherapy. In this trial we compared radiotherapy alone with radiotherapy plus temozolomide [Temodar®], given concomitantly with and after radiotherapy, in terms of efficacy and safety.” This is the same treatment Mr. Treadwell received prior to being treated with Antineoplastons.

It should be noted that Senator Ted Kennedy died of Glioblastoma Grade IV brain cancer. Countless Glioblastoma survivors cured by Antineoplastons as well as many other people cured of other types of cancer due to Antineoplastons flooded Kennedy’s office to share with him the existence of Antineoplastons. Mr. Kennedy’s wife wrote the Burzynski’s Clinic requesting all communication from Antineoplaston treated cancer survivors stop contacting his office entirely. A year later, Kennedy was dead. Lt. Col. James Treadwell’s medical records are published by written authorization by Lt. Col. James Treadwell.