After 27 years of independent research in Japan’s randomized clinical trials using Antineoplastons have now been published.

While the “treated group” showed double the survival rate than the control group, PLOS ONE apparently required the statement, “Overall survival was not statistically improved (p=0.105) in the AN arm (n=32). RFS was not significant (p=0.343).”, while also stating, Nevertheless, the CSS rate was significantly higher in the AN arm versus the control arm (n=33) with a median survival time 67 months (95%CI 43-not calculated) versus 39 months (95%CI 28-47) (p=0.037) and 5 year CSS rate 60% versus 32% respectively.

Read the published study here.

“After twenty-seven years of independently testing Antineoplastons—including randomized clinical trials, we found that Dr. Burzynski was right. It’s obviously not anecdotal anymore.”

Hideaki Tsuda, MD Kurume Medical University, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Watch Dr. Tsuda’s extended interview from “Burzynski, Part II” discussing these trials.