Laura Hymas passes away; New HR 4475 law; DIPG ANP study is published (April 23, 2014)

April 23, 2014

Dear Burzynski Movie subscribers,

We have some very sad news, and some news that might be promising for the future of Antineoplastons.

Laura Hymas loses her battle with cancer
(Nov. 8, 1986 - April 13, 2014)

Laura Hymas was featured prominently in Burzynski: Part II as I followed her journey from diagnosis to the end of Antineoplaston therapy. Despite grueling battles with her local oncologist (we obtained an audio recording of this for the documentary) and violent criticism from those who oppose this type of scientific innovation, Laura remained cancer-free for over one year due to Antineoplaston therapy. In October of 2013 Laura married her fiance Ben.

Three weeks after her wedding, an MRI revealed her brain tumor returned in multiple places.

Quoting from "Kent Online", the local newspaper in Kent, England:

Ben, 34, said: “When we found out the cancer had come back we asked for the same treatment [Antineoplastons] but Laura was denied it [by the FDA]. We were in contact with her doctor in America [Burzynski] and he applied for the legal right to treat her again but this was declined [by the FDA]. We could have fought it legally but we just didn’t have time.”

It's impossible to know if Laura would have survived her cancer a second time, if she were allowed to have access to these medications again. It certainly doesn't change the fact that denying cancer patients the right to choose their own therapy when no other therapy has been proven safe or effective—is an act of violence upon a cancer patient.

This April 21, 2014 Kent Online article tells the story of Laura's last days. [ click to read ]

Watch a 30 minute clip of Laura Hymas' from the documentary Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business, Part II, plus photos from her wedding [ here ].

An Antineoplaston Phase 2 study is now published in the peer-reviewed literature.

The majority of the blind opposition to Antineoplastons comes from the prejudicial prerequisite of having the Phase 2 trials published in the peer-reviewed literature. Well, that argument is slowly becoming less and less valid.

Read the first peer-reviewed Phase 2 study treating DIPG using Antineoplastons in history [here].

A diffuse intrinsic brainstem glioma in a child (DIPG) has never been cured in a controlled clinical setting in medical history. Antineoplastons are the first in world history to have ever cured it.

Never before in medical history has any new drug ever shown enough safety or efficacy to be allowed to enter a Phase 3 randomized clinical trials to treat a childhood DIPG by the FDA - which would inevitably lead to their market approval.

However, even within the industry-owned FDA, the FDA was forced to acknowledge this reality by granted permission for these trials using Antineoplastons [source].


As was shown in Burzynski: Part II, over 300 hospitals (including all children's hospitals in the USA, Canada and the UK) refused to allow these trials to be conducted on their property. Thus leaving the future of the first cure in medical history for a DIPG in children to be uncertain or possibly lost.

The sad reality is, if Antineoplastons were placed on the market for this one condition, offering the first potential cure in medical history for a DIPG, it would in turn allow any cancer patient the option of receiving Antineoplaston therapy "off label" by default—for any type of cancer. If this were allowed to happen, it would thus create the beginning of the end of the current paradigm of cancer therapy—out with the old, and in with the new.

As we know, the establishment isn't built to change—it isn't called an "establishment" for nothing. It will take a massive political upheaval to accomplish this.


This tragic development doesn't help things either:

World Cancer rates to increase by 60% in 20 years:
World Health Organization

[ Read article here ]

When you stop to realize that most of all of the pharmaceutical industry's "me too" drugs are quickly running out of patent life, and the industry as a whole is looking toward cancer as the next big wave of blockbuster drugs -- you can understand why they are trying so hard now more than ever to make sure Antineoplastons are destroyed forever.

In today's market, creating big strides in scientific progress is not allowed if they want to keep the profit margins high. Unleashing a drug like Antineoplastons would be counter-intuitive when adhering to the needs of stock holders within this industry.


You can imagine what is going on right now in the conference rooms in most pharmaceutical companies knowing that this surge in cancer rates is on the horizon. They are already planning on the next series of "redux" drugs that are slightly better or the same as what already exists on the market.  As long as they have an army of lawyers to defend the patents on the new drugs, and as long as oncologists continue to prescribe these inferior drugs, the failed system will continue unabated.

Also in yesterday's news, billions of Pharma dollars fly!

However, there just might be a glimmer of hope on the horizon for scientific innovations like Antineoplastons to reach the people who need it most:

Rep. Morgan Griffin (R-VA) introduces the "Compassionate Freedom Of Choice Act of 2014" - HR 4475

[ Read ANH article here ] [ Read the proposed bill here ]

From the ANH article:

"New legislation would prevent the FDA from denying appropriate experimental drugs from dying patients."

"Recently, by working together, we made great strides in helping dying patients win access to potentially lifesaving treatments. It was your messages, together with those of other grassroots activists, that convinced the FDA to grant 12-year-old McKenzie Lowe a right of access to Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s innovative antineoplaston treatment."


Support HR 4475 by clicking on the "Action Alert" here.


In solidarity,
Eric Merola
Director, Burzynski Documentary Film Series



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